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Everything you need to know about USANetLoans

We drastically increase your chances of getting a payday loan by making sure that your loan application will be seen by more direct lenders to improve your success rate.

Better loan options

With USANetLoans you get more loan options to choose from, one quick application can land you a great deal in minutes.

Better approval rates

Just one application gets you in front of dozens of direct lenders who compete to get you funded, you just sit and relax, we do the rest.

Better overall experience

Speed - check! Convenience - check! Reliability - check! Same-day funding - check! What else would you need for a perfect borrowing process?

First-time borrower's blueprint

No matter whether you are taking your first loan, or you are a frequent borrower, these guidelines will help you to avoid common mistakes:

How it works at

1. Submit your loan application

The overall process is simple and providing your personal and financial information, as well as the details about the amount you want to borrow should be your first step.

2. Get loan proposals

Once you submit your application, it is being sent out to our network of direct lenders for automatic reviewal. If there is a match, the lender(s) will contact you with loan terms and details.

3. Receive the money.

If you get approved for a loan and you are lucky, then you will get your money deposited the same day, or the next business day at most.

Yes, it's that simple and no, it doesn't cost you anything to use your solution to distribute your loan application among our lenders.

Does offer Instant Payday Loans?

The truth is that there is no such thing as "Instant Payday Loans". Any loan processing involves several steps, including sending your application, then the application gets pre-qualified and reviewed by the lender, in case of approval, there is some paperwork involved and when everything is set up and signed, the lender deposits the money.

In no way this process can be instant, but it is possible to have the payday loan deposited the same day. and Bad Credit?

USANetLoans is tolerant of people with fair and bad credit. We encourage you to try our application form to see whether you get approved for a payday loan or not.

We cannot guarantee loan approval for people who are looking for a bad credit loan with no credit check. Most lenders we work with perform some kind of background check.