How it Works?

Learn how to get a better loan offer from the best online payday lenders.

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How our simple loan application process works

Our aim is to make the borrowing process simple and smooth for the user. This is why we have simplified the application form as much as possible and built a whole backend system around it.

What you see as a simple loan application form is actually a program that communicates with multiple lenders, all instantly with a few clicks. This way you get the best loan offers from our top lenders almost instantly after sending your loan application.

The process is secure

We also value your privacy and safety, this is why we do not store your information on our servers and pass it only to selected lenders who are ready to offer you a loan. All communication is done via a 128-bit secure connection (SSL).

The process step-by-step

Once you place your application it will be pinged to our network of lenders, this is when your application gets pre-qualified with each selected lender. If there is a match, then from now on the lender gets all your details and starts working from there.

Each lender has its own process in place. But in general, you will get contacted by the lender, who might request additional information. After that, the lender will make you an official loan proposal with all terms and fees. You must sign the proposal and send it back to the lender if you find the offer acceptable.

Depending on the lender, you should have your loan deposited on the same or the next business day. All further communication regarding your loan should be made with the lender directly.